Foto van Wil Schilders

Wil Schilders studied mathematics in Nijmegen and Dublin, and works as a professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, where mathematics are used to solve practical problems, especially problems from the electronic industry. He also works at the Platform Wiskunde Nederland.

In 2004 he became interested in sudoku. On his many travels abroad, he regularly bought sudoku puzzle books, which gained a lot of experience. As a mathematician you are mainly interested in finding solutions, which is why he spent a lot of time developing methods to solve as many sudokus as possible. In addition, as many will recall from their high school years, the art is to convey mathematics in a clear and understandable way for many. In his daily work he does this, among other things, during his lectures at the university, where advanced mathematical methods are made clear to Dutch and foreign students in an appealing manner and with great enthusiasm.

This was also the motivation when writing this book: a clear approach, elaborated examples provided with commentary, exercise material, everything to teach the reader as much as possible about the art of solving sudokus. Because what could be more fun than letting others learn from your own experiences!

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